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Complete Door Services

Complete Door Services

Commercial Door Repair

RS Lock and Security offers complete commercial door service that most locksmiths don’t. We look past the broken lock on your door to determine the cause of the problem. Many calls regarding a door not locking aren’t caused by the lock itself. Worn hinges or pivots can cause the door to rub the threshold or frame, stopping the door before it’s latched. At the same time putting unnecessary stress on the door and lock.

Door closers

One of the most important but overlooked parts to a door and security is the door closer. Door closers are designed to gently but firmly close the door. Making sure you select the correct door closer for the size and frequency of use of the door is very important. Turning up the speed on a door closer so the door slams causes premature wear on the lock and the door.

Door Replacement or Repair?

RS Lock and Security can replace or in most cases repair doors that have been damaged in a break in or have fallen apart with time and heavy use. If caught in time doors that have lost their rigidity can have their seams welded adding years of life to the door.

Storefront door problems

One of the most common problems with storefront doors is worn out pivots (hinges). The best solution for this problem is to install a full-length continuous hinge. We only use Made in U.S.A “Select Hinge” products. “Select Hinge” are proven to withstand over 25 million cycles and unlike pivots aren’t susceptible to rust caused by salt in the winter.

Continuous door hinge

RS Lock - Continuous hinge door in garage

RS Lock – Continuous hinge

A continuous hinge can also be used to install a hollow core metal door in a wood frame, replace and existing door with odd hinge placement, or to reduce the gap between the door and frame making the door more secure.

Aluminum Geared Continuous Hinges provide the longest-lasting solution for high-traffic doors. These hinges have been proven to withstand 25 million cycles – equal to more than 60 years of use on the average high-traffic door. A longer life cycle means environmentally friendly and fewer maintenance dollars for you.

Example continious hinge door installaton

Solve security problems

Many new buildings have doors and hardware that are improperly installed, causing severe security problems.