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Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

RS Lock & Security is a locally owned and operated Locksmith company providing professional locksmithing & security services in Surrey and White Rock, BC. RS Lock has over 45 years of experience is Licensed and Bonded. RS Lock offers prompt on site locksmith services with our fleet of trucks ready to assist you when you need us.

RS Lock offers a full range of mobile locksmith and security services.

Residential locksmith services

We offer a wide range of products and services to provide our customers with complete security and satisfaction guaranteed.

  • High security Locks
  • Rekeying locks
  • Mailbox Locks and keys

Commercial locksmith services

As well as working on big contracts to develop and install sophisticated and complex master key security systems for business, our commercial locksmiths often collaborate with construction companies devising and fitting systems in new builds. We can also offer similar services to companies in existing premises, installing doors and hardware and providing master key systems for them.

  • Commercial mailbox installation & repair
  • High-security locks
  • Electric locks and strikes
  • Door plates and window bars
  • Stand Alone Keyless Access
  • Secure Gates and Doors
  • Specialty Welding & Custom Fabrication

Mail Box and Custom Fabrication

Astrangles and Plates – Installed to Improve Security

Anti-pry door plates (astragals) are a must for all doors, whether they are in-swing or out-swing. Astragals are an effective way to protect your door from pry bars and jimmying the door and frame. All our astragals are through-bolted, not riveted. If one of our standard astragals will not suit your door, we can custom make one to fit. In today’s world, astragals are a good start to the target-hardening of your buildings. Add to that, mesh window screens and a higher grade of lock. Most of our products are of a higher grade and cannot be purchased from contract hardware or big box stores.

Continuous Hinge – Door Security

RS Lock - Continuous hinge door in garage